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Thank you for your interest in A ʽNʼ B Home Inspections.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive information about the current condition of the systems and components of a home, to ensure our clients are not harmed financially or physically after the purchase of a home.

A'N'B Home inspections prides itself on providing the highest quality inspection service in the industry. That is we we go above and beyond what the state requires to deliver the most comprehensive inspection report possible.

A'N'B utilizes forward looking INFRARED technology to provide details a normal inspection misses.

With every home inspection we include a FREE, INFRARED scan of the exterior walls to verify proper insulation. If our cameras identify any potential gaps in insulation we will provide you with a FLIR report complete with photos and temperature measurements in addition to the home inspection report.

We will also electronically test all windows to verify the " Low 'E' " coating is present and installed on the proper side of the glass.

Once the inspection has been completed we guarantee your inspection report with in 24 hours via email, most times same day.

Our inspection report is an easy to read combination checklist and narrative style report with digital photos.
A summary page is provided at the end of the report for a quick reference of the items that need to be addressed.

Prior to the delivery of the inspection report the state of Arizona requires we have a signed inspection agreement.

• New Home Warranty Inspection
• Resale Inspection
• Residential
• Commercial
• Manufactured Homes
• Multi-Unit Dwellings
• Condos/Townhouses

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    A 'N' B Home Inspections - Protecting Your Investment

    Thank you for your interest in our services we look forward to providing you with an inspection that will help you make an informed decision about purchasing a home.